Health Strategy: Essential Oils – Book Update Annoucement

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New Edition of Health Strategy: Essential Oils?

“I have tried all the recipes in the book, and love them, when will a ‘version 2’ be coming out?” says one of the hundreds of emails I receive regarding this popular book on essential oils.

“This book is one of my best sellers,” says Erin Post-Christopher, owner of The Herb Shoppe of Roswell and Wellness Center, holding out her dog-eared copy of the Health Strategy: Essential Oils book .  “I bought a copy for my desk because I refer to it all the time when customers come  looking for essential oils.  Many times after looking at the book with me, they buy the book and the oils called for in the recipe!”

The initial printing was self-published and spiral bound, but I had so much demand, I couldn’t keep up.  I approached and they picked it up and now this bound version is available there online.Health Stratgy:  Essential Oils book

But this initial version only had about 20 recipes and so by popular demand, I am working with Amazon to publish a new version with even MORE recipes.

I hope to be able to announce the release in mid August.  Keep your eyes open for the announcement of VERSION 2 of Health Strategy: Essential Oils.


Frankincense The Magi’s answer to Health Care

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You only need to visit your favorite news website, and view the trending topics to see that everyone is asking, “What will 2011 bring,” “What can I do to be prepared for the new health care and financial changes?” I find myself asking the same questions, don’t you?

However, I feel like I am prepared for the health care changes, at least the changes that affect me and my family.  You see, when my family gets sick with the flu, virus, or infection, my first reaction is not to run to the doctor, or even to the immediate care clinic or pharmacy. I have a collection of Essential Oils that I use to address my family’s colds, flus and viral infections, cuts scrapes, muscle and joint pain, without needing to take pharmaceuticals or over the counter medications.

Using nature’s powerful plant essence in our home helps me to kill infections caused by virus, bacteria, and other nasty bugs.  Essential Oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon, and Ginger have been used for centuries, and have been successful at killing virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites for centuries, from the Egyptians and Romans, to the Israelites and early Jews and Christians.  The use of aromatic plant extracts have been used to fight against plague, death, as well as enhance beauty and defy aging!

It is no coincidence that the Three Kings from the Orient brought Frankincense and Myrrh to the birth of the New King.  These oils had powerful healing, germ killing and immune building properties.  They were brought to keep the young baby Jesus healthy and strong.

Don’t we all want to provide the same level of protection our own families to keep them healthy, build their immune systems and fight infection and disease? Today, these same gifts that, at that time, cost fortunes, are now quite affordable, and with today’s technology, the quality is higher, and potency much stronger.

As an example, Frankincense is used for a number of health concerns today.  Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade Frankincense can be used  internally, for such conditions as treating urinary infections, killing bronchial infections, and acting as an expectorant.

Externally, Frankincense can be used  in lotions or massage for rheumatic and arthritic conditions, as a douche or suppository for vaginal infections,  and even as a mouthwash to kill germs and fight gingivitis

When Frankincense is used in Aromatherapy  it can help ease seizures and other neuralogical health issues, and is often used for meditation, and burning it is considered to expand consciousness

So treat those you love with the powerful oils used to keep kings healthy, strong and safe.  Try Frankincense, or maybe even Lemon or Lavender essential oils.  You too might visit the doctor or pharmacy less often, while building your health and your immune systems!

Oregano, the Newest Christmas Gift!

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“T’was the week before Christmas when all through our home, all the flu germs were brewing, gathering strength on their own.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds, coughing and wheezing as I listened with dread.  Our trip to the mountains was in less than a day, how would we get better for all that snow-play?”

I am sure, at one time or another, many of you have had a similar experience; family all packed up and the season’s yuckiest bug descends on your family. This particular bug, according to a few of my unfortunate friends, boasts a three week duration, with a nasty respiratory infection.  This would not due for our White Christmas Family Adventure.

My kids are used to me whipping out my essential oils at the first sight of a sniffle or sore throat, but traveling was going to present a problem.  I started us all out with my usual steam breathing treatment with a blend of Meleleuca (Tea Tree), Eucalyptus, and Peppermint essential oils. But, this time, I had discovered a new secret weapon; Oregano essential oil – in a capsule!  This was an amazing gift for all of us this trip.  I filled empty capsules with three drops of Oregano essential oil and took them with us on vacation!  I made enough for everyone on the trip, to heal those that were sick and to keep the healthy that way!

Taking essential oils internally has been a missing link in my healing arsenal, and now that I have discovered how to turn the power of essential oils on from inside, I will be able to approach healing from a completely new perspective.

The key to using essential oils internally is finding an oil that is pure enough, and that has been harvested with the intention of internal use.  There are a few oils available on the market with this focus.

So, in case you were wondering, we all had a great Christmas adventure, a few sniffles, but the infection was killed, the vacation was saved and a great rollicking fun time was had by all!